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5Racing is a small motor sport race team based in the Northwest of England. Established 2004, the team has race prepared a Ford Mk4 Escort XR3i.

This site has been made to allow you to follow 5Racing as we experience all the thrills and spills of being a motor sport team. Its not been easy and there is still a long way to go, but we hope this project inspires you in some way. Be sure to check out the news page to stay fully informed.

At 5Racing we have set the Ford Escort up to run "track day" and "hill climb" style events. Some of the modifications include coil over dampers, road/race Toyo tires, fitted roll cage, bucket seats and safety harnesses. Everything not needed was removed!!

Below 5Racing Ford XR3i

5Racing Ford Escort XR3i
5Racing XR3i
Oulton Park
Pit lane Oulton Park

The whole project has took longer than expected! But it was not easy fitting all the work into peoples lives with full time jobs, holidays and sickness.  But hopefully all the hard work and late nights have now come together really raising team spirit. 5Racing also have a little engine project on at the moment!

So why a Ford Escort XR3i ?

Well first off its a good looking car, full of race and rally credit and history. Ford and the Escort series of cars has dominated racing with its Motor sport brand. The Escort and the XR3i have many fan pages on the web.

The other reason for the Escort as project car, was to enter a season in the Ford XR race cup. Unfortunately this was not possible primarily due to the amount of time needed to enter each event and the travel distance to them. But who knows what's next?

Goods will be available in the shop with 5Racing branding soon. In for now our poster store is still running, with a great selection of automotive and race car prints to choose from.

We would also like to thank everyone who has helped with this project on and off the track. Links to some of them and more great Ford web sites can be found on the links page

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Welcome to the 5Racing drivers notes. This section of the site is used throughout and has handy links and guidance for our site should you need it....

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5Racing Engine
5Racinig Ford
5Racing Front
5Racing Ford XR3i Front
5Racing Front
5Racing Ford XR3i Oulton
5Racing Ford XR3i pit wall